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Virtual Simulator

Using Dual Radar Technology, the Trackman 4 provides the most immersive golfing experince out there. Come out and improve your game as the simulator helps collect and analyze data, like never before. Landale provides over 59 live courses and driving ranges with in-house golf lessons available.

If you're intersted in learning how to golf, looking to get fitted, or want to improve your game, than contact us at (807)-577-5807 to reserve your spot today!

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What We Offer:

Trackman offers a wide selection of courses and driving ranges. Golf on some of the most well-known tracks in prossional golf, designed by some of the greatest architects. With 59 courses / driving ranges, each course is a precise replica of its real-world counterpart, resulting in realism that is unmatched by any competitor.

Landale provides you with an experince you won't forget. Our set-up is private, calm, and comfortable. Enjoy a private session, or get golf lessons by our professionals. Check out more on what we offer by clicking the button below!

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Track Everything

The Trackman Simulator can track and analyze any data you need. TrackMan 4 is the result of a three-year journey to design and engineer the most powerful and accurate golf Launch Monitor ever built. The outcome is Dual Radar Technology. Using two radar systems to obtain maximum data quality and increased pick up rates, our specialists can help you analyze, and implement your data, helping you reach your goals.

Landale Gardens - Trackman 4 Ball Speed
Landale Gardens - Trackman 4 Attack Angle
Landale Gardens - Trackman 4 Club Speed
Landale Gardens - Trackman 4 Launch Angle
Landale Gardens - Trackman 4Smash Factor
Landale Gardens - Trackman 4Spin Rate
Landale Gardens - Trackman 4Carry
Landale Gardens - Trackman 4Club Path
Landale Gardens - Trackman 4Face Angle
Landale Gardens - Trackman 4Loft

Golf Lessons

Looking to learn how to golf? Are you looking for new clubs? Or maybe you just want to improve your swing. Landale Gardens now provides golf lessons provided by professional experts. We have four well-trained experts, all who have competed in various tournaments and cities (PGA Qualifying, STAAL Open). Click the button below to learn more about our experts, and some background!

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